Cyara CXAP Delivers 283% ROI

Cyara, a US based SJE Group investment, has released the findings of Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Cyara, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

The study revealed that organizations using the Cyara CX Assurance Platform can expect a 100 percent return on their investment within less than three months and a nearly 3x ROI over three years.

The report highlights the following quantifiable benefits of using Cyara’s Automated CX Assurance Platform:

  • Time spent dealing with SEV1 errors reduced by 90 percent. Before Cyara, organizations would often only become aware of SEV1 errors—critical service or production outages—after an outage occurred, resulting in lost sales and hours spent on remediation. With Cyara, contact center teams identified and prevented potential issues before they occurred.

  • Repurposed up to 10 percent of call center agents. Interviewees reported fewer dropped calls and improved completion of customer calls within IVR (interactive voice response) systems, reducing the number of customer engagements with agents. As a result, businesses were able to repurpose budget that would have otherwise gone toward funding agent support by phone.

  • Two-thirds of IVR testers reallocated to other tasks. Cyara improves productivity by reducing time spent on manual testing of systems through automation. As a result, IVR testers that previously conducted manual tests were reallocated to other projects and business requirements.

  • Abandoned calls reduced by 80 percent. Cyara’s automated IVR testing results in improved customer routing and fewer abandoned callers. Customers can expect to reduce abandoned calls—due to customers previously being disconnected or delivered to the wrong agent—by 80 percent. This delivers quantifiable value for sales calls where lost opportunities can be recaptured.

Click here to download the Total Economic Impact Study of Cyara.

The SJE Group congratulates Alok Kulkarni, CEO and Co-Founder of Cyara, and the rest of the Executive team.

About Cyara Cyara is the world’s leading automated CX assurance platform provider. Cyara enables organizations to build better customer experiences faster, by automating testing across digital and voice channels and reducing customer-facing defects. Every day, the most recognizable brands in the world trust the Cyara Automated CX Assurance Platform to deliver customer smiles at scale. Clients include AT&T, eBay, FedEx, Starbucks, Toyota and Vodafone.

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