Five Add-On Acquisitions

ASP Global, a US based SJE Group investment, has acquired Shumsky Therapeutic Pillows; a distributor of therapeutic pillows to hospitals that aid in pre-surgery education and post-surgery patient comfort. Based in Dayton, OH, Shumsky provides health systems with customized pillows, bolstering ASP’s commitment to a tailored product set. The acquisition also provides an expansion into additional hospital systems not currently served by ASP.

Brown & Joseph, a US based SJE Group investment, has combined with Altus Receivables Management, creating a premier third-party commercial collection services company with one of the most comprehensive set of capabilities.  The company can better serve customers through strengthened technical systems and a broadened capability offering within the insurance, business services, transportation and logistics, telecom and technology industries.

Profile Products, a US based SJE Group investment, has acquired HydroStraw; a manufacturer of straw-based erosion control products with a specific focus on innovative erosion control technologies and seed products.  The acquisition augments Profile’s industry-leading erosion control technologies with HydroStraw’s hydraulic mulches, equipment and seed businesses. In addition to the strengthened product portfolio, Profile gains new manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the Pacific Northwest market.

Unified Power, a US based SJE Group investment, has acquired Tristar Power Systems and Computer Power Systems. Tristar, based in Minneapolis, MN, and CPSI, based in Orlando, FL, provide preventative maintenance, repair, installation and commissioning services for uninterruptible and backup power systems within hospitals, data centers, manufacturing plants and other mission critical buildings. The synergistic acquisitions expand Unified’s service offering and footprint in both geographies.

The SJE Group congratulates each of the entities' Boards and Executives, as well as the team at Incline.