Meero Presents MeeroDrop

Meero, a Paris-based SJE Group global start-up, has launched a beta version of MeeroDrop; its new visual sharing platform open to all creative people. 

Creatives spend a huge portion of their time sharing visual assets through limited digital transfer tools. MeeroDrop is designed to help creatives save time and be more efficient in their workflow.

MeeroDrop provides creative people (architects, designers, stylists, graphic designers, video artists, editors, publishers, etc.) a free, simple and collaborative tool to share visuals regularly.  

MeeroDrop goes beyond the standard features of a “pure transfer,” enhancing shared content.  “Drop” recipients are given access to a web page where they can preview the files sent and select the files they actually want to download. Additionally, files can be added and removed after the link is created, and visitors can add other guests, and even like or comment on the files.

The MeeroDrop platform is completely free to use, and the beta version is now accessible anywhere in the world. The platform is open to everyone whether they are part of the Meero photography community or not. 

About Meero

Created in 2016, Meero’s mission is to contribute to the world of photography by giving photographers the possibility to dedicate themselves entirely to their passion. From generating additional revenue to client prospection, invoicing and payments to post-production and delivery, Meero facilitates activity for creatives while taking care of all the time-consuming tasks that can slow down their daily activities.

Meero is the go-to solution for both creative business management tools and inspiring educational content. With Meero, photographers have access to not only a wide range of accounting, CRM systems, and marketing tools but also a growing list of masterclasses, technical tutorials, inspiring documentaries, photographer meet-ups across 35 countries, a bi-lingual magazine and a foundation to support photography.

Images © Adam Isfendiyar

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