New PoP in Copenhagen

Tampnet, a Norway based SJE Group investment, has officially launched its newest Point of Presence (PoP) in Copenhagen and has added two new important routes from Copenhagen to Amsterdam and London.

The Copenhagen PoP will be an important hub for low latency connectivity to and from the Nordics and offers an alternative to the traditional European fibre routes, with cities like Hamburg as a typical pinchpoint.

The new routes are delivered through the new energy interconnector between Denmark and the Netherlands (The Cobra Cable) which follows a completely unique subsea route and avoids all existing connections between the two countries. The new routes not only offer a secure alternative to existing infrastructure, they are also faster. Tampnet latency from Copenhagen to Amsterdam will be sub 9 ms (leading latency has been 11,5 ms) and from Copenhagen to London will be 13,8 ms (leading latency has been 16,7 ms).

The SJE Group congratulates Cato Lammenes (Managing Director, Tampnet) and the rest of the Executive team.

About Tampnet Headquartered in Stavanger, Norway Tampnet owns and operates the world’s largest offshore high capacity communication network in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, serving customers within Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Maritime and Carrier sectors with first class telecommunications. With offices in the UK, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Australia, Tampnet connects offshore installations to redundant and reliable terrestrial networks with high capacity and low latency (high speed).

Tampnet also installs and operates offshore 4G LTE coverage networks enabling roaming and the digital transformation and internet of things (IoT) on offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore windfarms and service vessels and other commercial vessels.