Space & Aviation Industry Approvals

Valence, a US-based SJE Group investment, has received several approvals specific to the space industry, including:

Northrop Grumman: • Aluminum Surface Preparation (COPS 0003) • Corrosion inhibiting primer application (BR-127) (COPS 0010) • Application of epoxy-based primers (PR5-37).

Pratt & Whitney Canada: • Phosphoric Acid Anodize (PAA) (CPW 597) • Clean Room (CPW 249) • Bond Primer (CPW 486)

Cessna: • Sulfuric Acid Anodize (CSFS020) • Chem Film (CSFS027) • Cleaning (Aqueous Degreasing) (CSFS036) • Cleaning (CSFS039 & CSFS044) • Cleaning (Aluminum) (CSFS045) • Cleaning (Stainless Steel) (CSFS046).


• Cytec (BR 127) Adhesive Bonding Primer

• Aeroglaze (306, 307).

The SJE Group congratulates Tracy Glende (CEO, Valence) and the entire leadership team for this achievement.

About Valence Valence is the world’s largest independent provider of Aerospace product finishing services. Its Garden Grove operations offers special process services related to components that go into Earth’s orbit and beyond. It serves a variety of industries that include microwave electronics, satellite, defense, and telecommunications. With 12 locations and over 2,500 unique industry approvals, Valence processes more than 1 million parts per month. In addition to being Nadcap accredited, all Valence sites provide specialized metal processing and finishing services to a diversified set of fast-growing commercial aerospace, defense, and space/satellite markets. Valence partners with its customers to deliver best-in-class quality, turn times, and full-service supply chain solutions.