Two New Investments

Groq: The SJE Group, with its partners MAC and D1, has invested in Groq; a US-based software-driven solution company that designed a chip for AI/ML workloads resulting in a chip with higher throughput, lower latency and lower power consumption than GPUs. The total addressable market for Groq’s AI/ML silicon is large and rapidly growing, and its novel architecture allows its chips to be easily scaled for different use cases. The SJE Group congratulates Groq’s CEO, Jonathan Ross, and the rest of the Executive team.

Mehler Vario: The SJE Group, with its partners GCF and Deutsche Private Equity, has invested in Mehler; a Germany-based manufacturer of protective equipment, including protective vests and ballistic helmets, tactical clothing and packs, anti-riot armour and shields and protection systems for vehicles. Mehler offers its product portfolio to police, military and special forces predominantly in Germany (~70%), as well as to customers based in the rest of Europe (~25%) and elsewhere in the world (~5%). This transaction is subject to regulatory approval.