USD$182M Navy Contract

Alion, a US-based SJE Group investment, has been awarded a $182M task order from the U.S. Navy to provide research, engineering design, analysis, and development of a robust virtual and constructive capability that integrates emerging technologies and enhances fleet training systems and expands upon R&D of prototype solutions for new training capabilities and network security management in emerging warfare areas.

Areas of specific focus include Integrated Software Design, Integration of Navy Continuous Training Environment with LVC Training Environments, Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, Information Operations and Information Related Capabilities, Enhanced Aviation Simulator and Synthetic Training, Network & Communication Architecture Engineering, Improved Undersea Warfare Training, and Cyber Security support.

The SJE Group congratulates Katie Selbe (Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alion’s Cyber Network Solutions Group) and the rest of the talented Alion team.

About Alion

Alion works side-by-side with US defense and intelligence communities to design and deliver advanced engineering solutions to meet current and future demands.  Alion goes beyond the superficial and dives deep into the root of the engineering complexities, and brings innovation to reality. With global industry expertise in Big Data, Analytics, and Cyber Security; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training; Electronic Warfare and C5ISR; and Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing, Alion delivers mission success where and when it matters most.