Welcoming Scott Orsini

Unified Power, a US based SJE Group investment, has appointed Scott Orsini as its new Vice President of Business Development.

Scott joins Unified Power’s Business Development team after 20+ years working in the mission critical services industry. Scott was previously Chief Operating Officer of a leading predictive analytics company focused on providing power systems data to the telecommunications industry. He also co-founded Lionheart Power Systems, a successful independent service provider with a local and national presence.

The SJE Group congratulates Scott Orsini, Chris Roach (CEO), Robert Parrish (Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing) and the rest of the executive team.

About Unified Power

Unified Power provides back up power supplies equipment. The company offers UPS, batteries, generators, power distribution units, and emergency lighting equipment to more than 5,000 customers including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, AT&T, SpaceX and the US Department of State.

Companies operating under the Unified Power brand include Power Protection Unlimited (Maryland), Sun Sales Company (New Mexico), UPSCO (Ohio), Power Protection Services (Texas), Critical Power USA (Maryland), 24/7 Technology (Georgia), SEPS Power (Illinois), the UPS division of LionHeart Power Systems (Illinois), and CORE Power Systems (California).

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