The SJE Group is invested in professional service companies spanning law firms, global IP and patent attorney firms, management consulting firms, design service ateliers and a worldwide chain of luxury spas.

  • RH Interior Design Atelier

    RH Interior Designs

  • The Centium Group

    The Centium Group

  • Networking Event

    Spruson & Ferguson Law

  • Handshake

    Pizzeys Attorneys

  • Speaking with the Judge

    AJ Park IP Lawyers

  • City Sky

    Macquarie Asset Mgmt.

  • Emotive Creative Agency

    Emotive Creative Agency

  • Practice Insight

    Practice Insight

  • PT Astra Graphia Tbk Indonesia

    PT Astra Graphia Tbk

  • Hong Kong Land

    Hong Kong Land

  • Computer Circuit Board Macro

    JTH Technology Solutions

  • Ruined Ancient Architecture

    Jardine Travel Group

  • Chuan Spa

    Chuan Spas

  • Ciel Spas

    Ciel Spas

  • Mama Works Serviced Offices, France

    Mamaworks Office Space

  • Next Door Serviced Offices, France

    Next Door Office Space

  • Potel et Chabot Events

    Potel et Chabot Events

  • John Paul Concierge Services

    John Paul Concierge

  • Paris Society

    Paris Society

  • VeryChic Hotel Bookings

    VeryChic Experiences

  • Webjet


  • Fit Ruums

    Fit Ruums

  • WebBeds

    Web Beds

  • JacTravel

    Jac Travel

  • Lots of Hotels

    Lots of Hotels

  • Sunhotels


  • Total Stay Group

    Total Stay Group

  • Hello World

    Hello World

  • QBT Business Travel

    QBT Business Travel

  • Asia Escape Holidays

    Asia Escape Holidays

  • The AOT Inbound Group

    AOT Inbound Group

  • Insider Journeys

    Insider Journeys

  • Online Republic

    Online Republic

  • G8 Education

    G8 Education Limited

  • TechSafe Australia

    TechSafe Australia

  • Nurture One Childcare Centres

    NurtureOne Childcare

  • World of Learning Childcare Centres

    World of Learning Centres

  • Penguin Childcare Centres

    Penguin Childcare

  • Head Start Childcare Centres

    Head Start Childcare

  • Early Learning Services

    Early Learning Services

  • Pelican Childcare Centres

    Pelican Childcare Centres

  • Kindy Patch Kids

    Kindy Patch Kids

  • Kinder Haven

    Kinder Haven

  • First Grammar

    First Grammar Centres

  • Community Kids Centres

    Community Kids Centres

  • Casa Bambini

    Casa Bambini

  • Greenwood Early Education Centres

    Greenwood E-Ed Centres

  • The Learning Sanctuary

    The Learning Sanctuary

  • Buggles Childcare Centres

    Buggles Childcare Centres

  • Kool Kids Early Learning

    Kool Kids Early Learning

  • Sandcastles Childcare

    Sandcastles Childcare

  • Bambino's Childcare

    Bambino's Kindergarten

  • Creative Garden Childcare

    Creative Garden Centres

  • Great Beginnings Centres

    Great Beginnings Centres

  • Great Eagle Holdings Limited

    Great Eagle Holdings Ltd

  • Great Eagle Property Management

    Great Eagle Property Mgt

  • Great Eagle Engineering Company Ltd

    Great Eagle Engineering

  • Champion Global Services, China

    Champion Gobal Services

  • Flight Centre

    Flight Centre

  • AVMIN Air Charter Specialists

    AVMIN Air Charter

  • Travel Smart NZ

    Travel Smart NZ

  • Executive Travel

    Executive Travel NZ

  • Round the World Experts UK

    Round The World Experts

  • BYO Jet

    BYO Jet

  • Aunt Betty Travel

    Aunt Betty Travel

  • Topdeck Travel

    Topdeck Travel

  • Travel Money Oz

    Travel Money Oz

  • Money Wise Global

    Money Wise Global

  • 99 Bikes

    Money Wise Global

  • Advance Traders

    Advance Traders

  • The Infinity Group

    The Infinity Group

  • Explore Holidays

    Explore Holidays

  • Gogo Vacations

    Gogo Vacations

  • FCM Travel Solutions

    FCM Travel Solutions

  • Corporate Traveller

    Corporate Traveller

  • The Upside Travel Company

    The Upside Travel Co

  • CI Events

    CI Events

  • Stage & Screen Travel Services

    Stage & Screen Travel

  • Campus Travel

    Campus Travel

  • 4th Dimension Business Travel

    4th Dimension Business

  • Travel Club

    Travel Club

  • Student Flights

    Student Flights

  • Travel Associates

    Travel Associates

  • My Adventure Travel

    My Adventure Travel

  • Liberty Travel

    Liberty Travel



  • Backroads Travel

    Backroads Travel

  • Student Universe Travel

    Student Universe Travel

  • Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

    Thermes Marins Monaco

  • Cinq Mondes spa

    Cinq Mondes Spa Monaco

  • Le Tigre Monte-Carlo

    Le Tigre Monte Carlo

  • Genting Star International

    Genting Cruise Mgmt

  • Smartstream Corporation

    Smartstream Corporation

  • Challenger Group

    Challenger Group

  • Fidante Partners

    Fidante Partners

  • Accurium


  • Xenith IP Group

    Xenith IP Group

  • Glasshouse Advisory

    Glasshouse Advisory

  • Shelston IP

    Shelston IP Lawyers

  • Watermark


  • Griffith Hack

    Griffith Hack Lawyers

  • als-global-logo.jpg

    ALS Limited

  • AMA_Group_TH.jpg

    AMA Group Limited

  • Austal

    Austal Limited

  • Cleanaway

    Cleanaway Waste Mgmt

  • InvoCare


  • Link Administration Holdings

    Link Group

  • Monadelphous Engineering

    Monadelphous Group

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